Thursday, June 10, 2010

T minus 28 (and doctor visit)

I intended to write this post 2 days ago, when I was "T minus 30". But since it's been busy around here and we've been doing awesome things like spending days with Grandma, going to the baby doctor, and taking dips in the little pool, "T minus 28" will have to do.

Or should I say... will have to due? Now that was funny right there.

Things are going pretty well on the baby front. I'm feeling about the same. Tried more easily, hips hurt at night, jaw pops out of socket, and generally feeling HUGE. But other than that, I can't complain. I know things could be worse.

My cousin Lindsay went into early labor because she had Eclampsia, Edema, and dangerously high blood pressure. She had her baby boy yesterday and she was just barely 34 weeks along. He had to be taken to NICU right away because his lungs and kidneys weren't ready. Praise the Lord though, he's breathing on his own today and doing much better. So, I'm grateful for the good health God has given me. I really am.

Anyway, I had my final ultrasound today. Mom, Grandma, and Elijah came along too. It was amazing to see him in 3D. He has chubby cheeks, sweet little lips, and the ultrasound tech said he has tons of hair (over an inch long already!). He weighed in at 6 pounds, 5 ounces. Heart rate was 151. And fluid levels are just right. Nice and healthy. After the fun part, Dr. B did a swab for beta strep and "while she was down there" checked for any progress. I'm a little more than 1 cm, but not quite 2. Nothing to get excited over. I walked around for weeks with Elijah much further along than this.

So, here's baby boy's first real photo!

As for me, here are my stats (at 36 weeks)
blood pressure: 124/68
weight: + 3 pounds (that +8.5 overall)


grace said...

What a lovely first photo! ^_^
He'll be here so soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shoe~She, EBB is BEAUTIFUL !!! i can't to meet him.

Kristen McG said...

What a great picture!!! I cannot believe that you're almost done, that he's almost here. Does he have a name yet?? :) Glad you're feeling mostly well, given the almost 9 month pregnant deal. :) Praying these last 28 days are sweet for you.