Friday, June 11, 2010

Birth Plan

So I've painstakingly hashed out my birth plan wishes and decided to share them with the whole (blog-following) world. Call me crazy for putting it out there for everyone to see. But here's what I have typed up for the doctor/nurses...

Birth Plan for Sarah & Manny

Thank you for taking time to read this and helping us realize our childbirth goals. We have educated ourselves as to the choices indicated below and discussed them with our doctor. Our goal for this birth is for it to be as "natural" as possible. We do realize that complications may arise and in such instances we trust our medical caretakers. However, we request that any medical decisions be discussed with us first and that deviation from this plan only be offered in high-risk situations. If I am unable to make decisions for myself, my husband may speak on my behalf.

We define "natural" birth to include the following:

· Labor starts on its own without induction
· Bag of waters left intact until it breaks spontaneously
· Not using Pitocen (or other medication) to augment labor
· Freedom of movement throughout labor and/or pushing in any comfortable and effective position
· Only intermittent fetal, contraction, and blood pressure monitoring rather than continual
· No pain medication offered/given unless requested
· IV only if medically necessary, but IV port is OK (in left arm)
· Freedom to drink fluids (and eat) as necessary
· No episiotomy
· Delay cord cutting until it stops pulsating

Other items of importance to us include:

· During labor and delivery the following people are welcome: My husband Manny, our doula Mary, and my Mom Debby (and others if I request them at a later time)
· Skin to skin contact immediately following birth
· Husband to cut the cord
· Allow baby to nurse as soon as possible
· Spontaneous delivery of the placenta
· Only if needed, Pitocen may be administered after delivery of placenta to aid in uterine contraction
· We request that any medical procedures typically practiced on infants to be discussed with us before given to our baby
· We decline the use of antibiotic eye ointment - this has been approved by our doctor
· We request to be informed of baby's APGAR scores
· Baby is to receive breast milk only – no formula or glucose water
· Please inform us prior to giving any immunizations to our baby
· We welcome visitors, but request adequate time for recovery and bonding prior to allowing others in the delivery room. We would like to be informed prior to any non-family members entering the room.

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