Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm really not complaining...

Good gravy, do I feel pregnant!

I think this time around things are so much different because I'm older, in worse shape, and never fully bounced back from being pregnant with Elijah.

My hips hurt constantly. There is no comfortable position I've found to alleviate this in order to sleep, or sit, or stand. I'm thinking I may feel better if I tried zero gravity. Like either on the moon. Or maybe a swimming pool. A pool is much more likely, so I think I'm going to give that a go in stead.

And thanks to a lovely little pregnancy hormone called Relaxin all my joints and ligaments are crazy loose. Like, pop out whenever they please.

My jaw keeps coming unhinged while I'm eating. It hurts worse than childbirth. Oh yes, it sure does. I know because I've experienced both. And with the jaw thing you can't have an epidural. (Not that I'm going to have one this time around. I'm just sayin'.) And you have to just press on the side of your head with force until the bone goes back into its proper place. Whereas during childbirth you have nurses to do that sort of thing for you. So yeah. Big ouch.

On the up side, I'm really flexible right now. Not Chinese circus lady flexible... but close. Kind of fun I guess.

Other that the hips and jaw I guess I'm doing fine. My energy level is surprisingly high - all things considered. I do get tired more easily than normal and feel like going to sleep around 8:00 pm. But I expected this. And I usually get a second wind right after Elijah goes to bed.

Oh yeah, and there's the issue of swollen feet. Another side effect of the Relaxin, so they say. They're not cankles or anything, just a little swollen at the end of the day. Particularly if it's a hot one. I suspect with the summer approaching and the pregnancy drawing to a close this will become more of an issue soon.

But alas, I am thankful to be in good health. And to be only 36 days from my "due date". (In other words, I might have this baby in about 46-50 days - I hope no later than that!) So I'm really not complaining.

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grace said...

wait wait want to have this baby late?
fill me on this excitement!