Thursday, June 3, 2010

a breath

Yesterday my family was finally able to exhale for a second.

My Dad's long-awaited appointment with the Endocrinologist was yesterday morning and we were delighted to hear his opinion on the situation. He said he's hopeful the pain will eventually subside due to the vast improvements he's seen in Dad's bloodwork. They've been taking blood samples for the past 5 months to track his progress. And the awesome news is that all the things that were bad in the beginning, are now back to normal levels (blood sugar, A1C, cholesterol, triglycerides). The medications are working, which is good news.

He is still having problems with his blood pressure becoming too low very suddenly, particularly when he stands up. Yesterday he fell several times - not from unconsciousness, but because his legs simply would not hold up his body. It's a strange thing to see. It's not like a person who loses their balance. It's like he's standing there, his legs start to shake, then he goes down on his butt. He's had to learn to force himself to fall on his butt because the first few times he fell he nearly landed on his face. I was standing behind him when it happened most recently and tried to break his fall so he wouldn't hit his head on the tile floor. But he ended up landing on my leg and pulling a chair down on top of us. Not a good strategy.

So, despite the doctor's positive outlook, there are still some serious issues to work through. My poor dad - and mom. This has been going on for 5 months now and I'm afraid they are both growing very weary.

Anyway, at least things are looking up a little and we are able to take a collective breath. We truly do praise the Lord for this latest news!

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