Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ragon's Senior Photos

First... Elijah is looking so big these days. Check out his big kid summer haircut!

As mentioned before, my sister Ragon is about to graduate from high school. So last week I took her picture for the scrapbook and some announcements she sent out. I am seriously not thrilled with these. But as far as snap-shots are concerned I guess they are tolerable. So here they are unaltered. Perhaps I should learn less about photography and more about how to post-edit the photos? Oh how I wish I had time, energy, and resources to learn more about both!

p.s. Ragon lives to strike a pose. She's been practicing in the bathroom mirror her whole life for just such an occasion.


grace said...

those aren't bad! Great colors to work with! like the red on that bridge!!! hooray!

Jilli said...

They're good!!! Photo editing is so easy to learn. Just get you a program and start practicing!