Tuesday, May 11, 2010

31 Week Doctor Visit

So, it just occurs to me as I'm about to click on "new post" that the little ticker on my sidebar counting down days until the babys due date says 58 days!!!!!!!!

58 days!

Somebody must have tricked me or something, because I don't really remember how I got here from the 90-day countdown marker. Sheesh!

So, I went to see Dr. Brown today. love her.
We talked briefly about my tentative birth plan and she's totally on board. I'm so thankful for how understanding she is about my wishes. She basically said that I'm the patient, this is my delivery not hers, and she's just there to catch the baby and make sure everyone is healthy. Awesome! I'm meeting with "my doula" (which is really a friend from church who is studying to become a doula) tomorrow. So pretty soon I'll have my birth plan nailed down and I can post more about it. I'm excited.

Today's check up was perfect. Everything is still looking good with baby boy and me.

Here are my stats:
Blood pressure: 124/70
Weight gain: +2 pounds (that's +3.5 overall)
Measuring: 32 cm (on target)
Baby's heartrate: 150's
Belly shot photo coming soon...

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grace said...

Glad to hear things went well with your dr!
Also, you've only gained 3.5lbs overall?! I can share some weight with you, if you want...heehee