Thursday, April 29, 2010

30 Weeks!!! (already?)

How about a belly shot to get us started?

Well, today's quite a milestone for my little one. I went for a check-up with my doctor's partner. (Really like her too!) Everything is still fine and dandy with baby and me. I asked about the pain I've been having and she attributed it to stretching and growing. Nothing to worry about. So that's about it.

Here are my stats this week:
blood pressure: 130/70 (great)
weight gain: +1 pound (that's +1.5 overall)
measuring: 30 cm (on target)
baby's heartrate: 150


Anonymous said...

Wow, look at you, your beautiful belly is growing

Kristen McG said...

waiiiiiiiiit a second. You're 30 WEEKS already?!? AND- 30 weeks and ONE POUND gained!!?!? That's craziness!
I LOVE this picture of you- you look great!
So glad to hear you both checked out well, and the improvements on your dad. I've been (and will continue to) praying!