Monday, April 12, 2010

27 week doctor visit

Saw Dr. Brown this morning. Happy to report all is still well with baby and me.
I've lost 1 pound since my last check-up 2 weeks ago. She gave me "the eye" and asked if I'm eating healthy. But then she smiled and said she can tell I'm healthy and the baby is doing fine so she's not concerned. She's sure I'll pack on the pounds in the coming weeks. Oh joy.

Anyway, she's very pleased with my blood glucose test from last week. She explained that the 4th draw, after the 3rd hour, was low so that means I should eat more frequently and always include a little protein. This is manageable, so I'm fine with it.

Here are my stats this week:
blood pressure: 122/68 (great)
weight gain: -1 pound (that's +0.5 overall)
measuring: 29 cm (on target)
baby's heartrate: 155

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