Wednesday, February 17, 2010

kicked in the gut

So something bad happened. I don't know how else to start.

My husband went in to work yesterday and they told him it was his last day. And I'm all "What? He's only been there 2 and 1/2 weeks." This place is a plastics company and they have a contract with a temp agency for all their hiring. So the process is: you start as a temp, work for 4 weeks, then move to "regular" status. He was within the temp time frame so I suppose more easy to get rid of.

He met with the big boss was told they were "going in a different direction". He asked if he did something wrong or something? They said no. In fact he was a hard worker and really made a good impression on everyone he worked with so far. But it turns out they didn't need him after all.

He's really sad about it because he liked this job a lot. It had been such a relief that we'd finally have stable income. Plus he's confused and feeling really hurt. I would feel that way too. I can't even tell you how much we needed him to have that job. Me working part time, 2 year old, baby on the way, $3,000 medical deductible to save for, major work needed on our house, money to save for my NON-PAID maternity leave (how crappy is that!!??), life in general...

The boss guy told him he could call in 2-3 weeks to check if they have any more openings. But it's a factory and people come and go so much (like him). I guess people burn out fast or something.

I'm just really bummed for him, and me. Kind of like getting kicked in the gut.
Today he's out looking for another job. So if you could, please keep us in your prayers (again). Thanks friends.


Barbara said...

I’m sorry that Jr. was let go, hopefully soon another opportunity will come to him that was better than the last.

grace said...

I hate posting the "I'm praying for you guys" things, because it can be taken so superficially.
But I am praying for you. It's hard when your heart is not at rest because of life.

Hopefully you'll come back and be all "Guess what?! he found a job today!" ^_^

Jilli said...

So sorry! That sucks!!!! I'm sure he'll find something soon!

Courtney said...

I'll be looking for a good report really soon! Saying a prayer for you both. xoxo