Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elijah's 30 month check-up

(No, I do not still count his age in months. So you know.) We missed his 2-year doctor visit, so today we made up for that.

At two-and-a-half my little boy is doing just fine and dandy.
Physically he's a little small but proportional. No worries, said the doctor.

29.2 pounds.
35.5 inches tall.
He ranked 40th percentile for weight, and 30th for height.

Developmentally though, he's way ahead of the charts. She ranked him at about 3.5 years on social, mental, and emotional milestones.

My only concern is that he's showing ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in potty training. He refuses to sit on it, doesn't care about rewards for going, doesn't want to be a "big boy" or wear "big boy undies". To be honest I'm not around as much as I'd like to be able to work on it for a solid block of time. Things are kind of topsy-turby in our lives right now and I think that's hindering any work we could be doing on it. I plan on hitting it pretty hard once spring comes and he can go pantsless for a few days.

Anyway, he's fine and healthy and that's what matters. The end.


grace said...

hooray for a great check up!
good luck on the potty training!--but don't worry to much about it! some kids don't train until their 4!

Barbara said...

Happy you little man is doing great. by the way i wish i could fit in a container.