Tuesday, February 23, 2010

20 week doctor visit / 3rd Ultrasound

I had my 20 week check-up this morning. Thankfully all is perfect with our yet-to-be-named son. We had another ultrasound to check his heart - which is fine too.

And this time we got some great profile pictures. :)

There was a med student in with us for the ultrasound so they spent extra time doing measurements and checking everything out. It was fun to get to see the little guy that much longer. He wiggles so much. From the measurements she took, his estimated weight is 13 ounces. Just right.

In this second one you can really see that he has my Grandma Theresa's turned up nose. So cute!

As for me... I'm doing fine too. Nothing really to report. Next time I go I'll have to take the glucose test. Fun stuff.

Here are my stats:
blood pressure: 128/80 (fine)
weight gain: +3 (that's -1 overall)
Baby's Heart Rate: 156 bmp
Baby's Weight: 13 ounces

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