Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Names: Rethought

OK, I've been mulling over this list and I want to make a few changes. (Didn't I say I would?) Plus I want to talk about name meanings. For us that plays a big role in deciding too. I'm listing them now with more favorite ones toward the top.

  1. Judah :: Hebrew :: praised
  2. Asher :: Hebrew :: blessed, happy
  3. Isaiah :: Hebrew :: God is Salvation
  4. Reuben :: Hebrew :: Behold a son (this is a family name)
  5. Malachi :: Hebrew :: my messenger
  6. Ephraim :: Hebrew :: very fruitful
  7. Gideon :: Hebrew :: great warrior
  8. Israel :: Hebrew :: wrestled with God
  9. Ezekiel :: Hebrew :: God will strengthen (Manny's paternal grandfather's name)
  10. Ezra :: Hebrew :: help
  11. Jude :: English :: from Judea (I'm iffy on this one. I picture kids always singing "hey Jude, don't let me down. You have found her, now go and get her...."
  12. Josiah (it just doesn't have the right "ring" to it)

P.S. I keep thinking I'll get around to posting a belly photo, but I haven't because... a) I never feel cute enough to have one taken, b) I'm being lazy, and c) it's hard to take a picture of yourself. I'm 19 weeks + 4 days. So my goal is to take one Thursday at 20 weeks... can't believe I'm so close to half-way!!! This little mister is quite a mover too. So nice to feel those little reminders.

P.P.S. I'm feeling pretty good these days. Although my one complaint is that I tend to get headaches often. I can't decide if they are due to hormones, blood pressure, weather, stress, blood sugar, eye strain, or what. I plan on asking the doctor when I go next week.

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