Tuesday, January 26, 2010

16 week doctor visit

So at 16 weeks + 5 days, this is the view of the baby from the outside.
And this...

... is the view...

... from the inside!

And in case you can't see it, that's a tiny little penis in the last picture. Yay!!!!

**Ultrasound Photos:
1) front of body, head on left, knees bent, feet tucked under bottom.
2) side profile of body, head on left, spine on top, knees bent, feet tucked in front.
3) looking up between the legs.


I saw Dr. Brown today too. She answered a few questions I had and sent me on my way. I'm thankful that all is well. Found out I can travel by plane until 36 weeks. So here are the stats...

Blood Pressure: 122/68 (perfect!)
Weight Gain: 0 (that's minus 4 overall)
Baby's Heart Rate: 146 bpm
Baby's Weight (approximate): 5 oz
p.s. I copied this post from my pregnancy blog. But it's not copyright infringement if you write it yourself. :)

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Barbara said...

Little Miss Lovely is too cute!!