Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mrs. MckSicky Pants

Blech! Let me spare the details... but I have been S I C K.

For going on 8 weeks straight.

I am unsure if it's all due to pregnancy illness or a combination of that and the flu. But whatever it is I wish it would go away soon.

Today is the first day in a LONG time that I've felt a semblance of normal. I'm still not up to 100%, but I haven't thrown up, and I'm not in excruciating pain of any kind. So, praise God for that! For real. Maybe He will continue to show mercy and let me function like a regular person for a while.

And since I've been feeling so bad for so long, I have really been getting behind on my blog (along with my laundry, dishes, housework, etc.). But no more. I'm going to try to keep up. Elijah just does so much and changes pretty much daily that I have to do better about journaling stuff.

Today it's warmer outside than it has been for a few weeks, so after church/lunch/grocery shopping, Elijah and I played in the yard for a while. I took the *new* camera along to try to capture a decent photo for our Christmas card (which I have not even started on yet).

This is the best I got. My subject was a little distracted by the nice weather, mud, rocks, sticks, shovel to fully cooperate. He did throw me a bone once or twice and actually looked in my direction.

This was exactly one year ago in the same spot. Can you even believe it's the same kid?? I can't!

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grace said...

those year apart pictures are so amazing to see! He HAS grown so much!!!
Glad you're starting to feel better! I was in the same boat just a short time ago....I like the second trimester. The only thing that really makes me feel pregnant is my belly!

ps.thanks for the comment on my post...very appreciated ^_^