Monday, December 21, 2009

first spelling word

Seems I've not gotten any better about blogging. Oh, but I took some pictures the other day. Excpet my camera isn't right here at my side and I'm too lazy to go get it and upload the photos. So, that can wait until tomorrow.

Oh, oh. Here's something really exciting about how smart Elijah is!!! I really don't know what's considered "normal" for his age, development-wise. But, I've always liked to think he's advanced. (You know, like his Momma.) ;) And now I think I have sufficient proof. At the ripe old age of 2 years, 4 months, and 2 weeks old, my little smarty pants not only knows his full name. (good luck understanding him if you ask him what it is.) He knows how to spell it!

That's right, he can totally spell his name. Woo hoo! This is how I know.

I was buckling him in the car this morning. Now, I like to make conversation while I'm manuvering his puffy self into position and getting him strapped in. You know, to distract him from the torture he is undergoing. So that's what I did as I clicked the latch closed and kissed the chubby part of his cheek which was sticking out from around his big puffy coat (picture a fluffy blue marshmallow oozing out between carseat straps, with a small section of plump rosie flesh showing from just above the chin to just below the eyebrows).

I asked, "Honey, can you tell Mommy your name?"

"Eli-zah", he says. In 3 syllables. (This is a huge improvement over what he used to say: "Za-Za".)

I was already proud because I love hearing his cute little voice.

So I went for gold "And can you spell your name, Elijah?"

"E-L-I. J-A-H. Eli-zah." he chants, breaking the letters into a rhythm and grinning from ear to ear.

I gushed! "Yay you are so smart! I'm so proud of you!" etc.

Quickly I summonsed my Mom to come hear it too. We both gushed. Then my Mom promised him a pair of mittens to warm up those friggid fingers and I went back inside to work. It was a big day for me as a Momma.

Since this has turned into a post about his development, here's what I can come up with off the top of my head.
  • We're working on ABC's. And doing pretty well.
  • He can totally count to twenty - unassisted.
  • He knows all his colors and most basic shapes. even octagon.
  • He can identify dozens of varieties of heavy machinery (ie. backhoe, bulldozer).
  • He knows all the names of the Thomas and Friends trains.
  • He frequently uses the word delicioso. Thank you Dora.
  • He shows absolutely NO interest in potty training. Although I'm sure he could do it if I forced him (since he goes in a corner when he has to poo, then tells me afterward what he did).
  • Current favorite stuffed animals include: Diego the monkey, Doodles the monkey, Bear the dog blanket, George the monkey, Dumbo the elephant, Rookie the bear, Copper the dog, Clifford the black & white dog, Tev the blue bear, California bear, Mister Mustard the yellow bear, Chocolate Bear, Jesus Loves Me the bear, Gorilla, Jack the dog.

I know there are lots and lots more things, but I'm pregnant. Pregnancy brain is one of the most mind-erasing conditions known to man. Just ask my husband.

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