Monday, November 16, 2009


I don't feel inspired to write much. Even though so much has happened in the past week, I'm just tired.

Saturday was Mary Jane's Memorial service. We held it outside at my aunt and uncle's house. They have a lovely piece of property surrounded by woods. The day was absolutely perfect to be outdoors -- warm, sunny, breezy, and plenty of pretty leaves on the ground and falling from the trees. It's the exact kind of setting you picture when you think of an outdoor funeral (or see one in the movies). It was very informal, just a big family gathering to celebrate Mary Jane. My cousin Ryan (who had brain surgery a month ago) played his guitar in public for the first time (and did a wonderful job!) while I sang "Amazing Grace" and "I'll Fly Away".

The second song got a little emotional, but after declaring a 'do over' for the first verse we managed to get through without too many tears. Strangely I didn't feel bad for choking up. Probably because everyone else was too. In fact, what messed me up was looking out at the crowd and seeing my family members all teary.

Afterward we ate and visited while Elijah played with his cousins and jumped in the gigantic pile of leaves.

The "sisters" drank a Fat Tire beer and smoked a real-for-life Cuban cigar that my cousin sent up from Texas just as Mary Jane requested. (If anyone asks I will vehemently deny any rumors of Cuban cigar possession!) I did not partake of either, fyi.

That evening after his nap Elijah was allowed to go for a ride on my uncles big John Deere tractor! Oh my gosh, talk about being in little boy heaven!! He even got to steer! As we were talking about getting to ride the tractor he was going on and on about how much he loves tractors and how riding on one is the best thing in the whole wide world. Suddenly he got all serious and said "Mary Jane ride tractor too... no... Mary Jane ride tractor in Heaven with Jesus". Because in his mind, since that's the best thing anyone could possibly do, then surely that's exactly what Mary Jane must be doing! I think he has a depth of understanding that we adults just don't have sometimes.

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