Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

I'm feeling OK enough this morning to actually post something. Seems this all-day-all-night sickness has really gotten me out of my blogging groove. But I'll give it a shot. Elijah is in the other room watching the "animal show", as he calls it.

Let's start with my most exciting news today. I GOT MY NEW CAMERA!!!

It's a Cannon EOS Rebel XsI. Oh my goodness... I am in love. There are so many features that my old camera did not have so I'm going to need a while to learn it well. But so far, just on auto it takes great pictures - even in low light and quick motion. I'm just so excited! My parents splurged a little on this Christmas, but my mom knew how much I would LOVE it. And I do! Awesome, eh?

Thanksgiving was mostly a blur of nausea for me. My family kept up the tradition of getting together at Mom's early in the morning to prepare the meal. (Grandma Theresa, Mom, and me) I made the pecan pies and sweet potato casserole, but wasn't much help with the rest because I felt so yucky. Our meal turned out fantastic as usual! I actually did have an appetite when it came time to eat around 12:30, so I was thankful for that.

Later that evening we went to my aunt's house for the BIG family gathering (my Dad's side of the family). There was a ton of food, but I felt even worse so I barely even tasted anything. Besides, I was still kind of full from lunch.

Black Friday started really early for my Mom and me. She picked me up at 3:30 am to get our shopping started. First stop was for my camera, which I got for $100 off!! Woo hoo!! Next we braved it at Wal-mart to get Elijah a Jeep. (one of those battery kind you can ride around the yard in) Oh my gosh, I cannot wait to see his face Christmas morning when he sees this thing! He's going to go nuts! We found some other great deals too on Hotwheels cars, pj's, storage containers, and memory cards for the camera. After that we stopped by Penny's where my Mom bought herself a new coat, boots, and bunch of sweaters (I got myself a new sweater too). Then we had breakfast at Panera (but I couldn't eat much of mine.) :( After that we hit Gordman's. Then Bed Bath & Beyond, where Mom bought some marshmallow guns -- so fun! Then Walmart again. By the time we were done I was ready for a nap. We really got a lot of great stuff for Elijah's Christmas, but let me tell you, the entire rest of the day I felt like I just got off a Tilt-A-Whirl and needed to throw up.

I did take a few minutes to try out the new baby. I'm still learning, so these are a few that turned out pretty good.

Elijah & Aunt Ragon

After his shower Elijah likes to "run round naked" for a while!

Then he likes to warm up in front of the fire place.

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grace said...

zuri loves to be naked. whenever we're in our room she strips, and turns on our heater and lays in front of it naked! so funny!
I'm glad to know of another streaker!