Saturday, November 21, 2009

1st Doctor Visit (7 Weeks)

Friday I went to my first doctor visit. Nothing really exciting. I was weighed (not something I enjoyed), had blood drawn, and spoke w/the NP about my history, what to expect, etc. The usual.

Since I was unsure as to the exact date of conception, she decided I need to have an ultrasound in 2 weeks to narrow down the due date. I kinda think that's silly, but whatever. I guess it's cool I get to see the baby sooner. As for now they have set it as July 8th.

I totally love the staff at my doctor's office! Everyone is very friendly and casual. They all took plenty of time to answer questions and explain processes. The phlebotomist even joked around with me to make me more comfortable while she drew my blood. (Which took poking me in both arms!)

I'll see Dr. Brown in 4 weeks for my first real exam. After that I'll go once a month for a while.

Blood Pressure = 128/78
Weight Gain = 0

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