Monday, September 28, 2009

My 31st

So here's the thing - I didn't have a happy birthday at all. (In fact it was most definitely the worst one on the books for me.) But because I'm trying not to be totally negative, I'm only going to mention the good part. How about the fact that Elijah & I spent the day with my Grandma (it was her birthday too!!). She let him help make cupcakes. He licked the beaters, which is the best part of helping. He thought he was really big stuff too!
Learning how to line the cupcake tins.
He was proud of himself.

Batter - the best part!
On Friday evening we celebrated the dual birthdays (mine & Grandma's) with my parents, Grandparents, and Manny at an authentic German restraunt called Gerst Haus. Oh man was it delish! I ate the grouper, spicy cornbread, red cabbage, and warm potato salad. And the sweet tea! Oh oh oh, the sweet tea! Umm-mmm.

These are my mom's parents.

My silly family. (minus dad, the photog)

Mom & Grandma

Elijah's Grandma Gloria (in Cali) mailed him 2 really awesome new books. From the time I handed them to him, he did not put them down for 48 hours. (OK, maybe once or twice, but only under duress)
My favorite part is how he crosses his feet when he reads. Just like his Momma!

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grace said...

at least the pictures look nice ;-)

Are your days better now?