Monday, August 17, 2009

vacation week

For eight days my husband's parents, sister, and niece came to visit us from California.

I was a nice visit, but too short, I thought. We kept ourselves plenty busy with running around, shopping, going swimming, eating, visiting parks, playing dice, and taking a day trip to Holiday World. And of course a few photos were taken. :)

Elijah was enamoured with his 9-year-old cousin Samantha, who he started calling "Silly Sam" by the time the week was up. Because she is silly, and funny, and makes him laugh like mad! And Barbara, my sister-in-law, was known by a variety of names: Gina, Lisa, and finally Aunt Bob. We suspect that Elijah thinks Barb looks like my friend Lisa - because of her dark hair. But we don't know why he calls her Gina. (she's Barb's sister) He has only seen Gina once in his life! Go figure.

Our week in a nutshell:
  • Friday: Elijah's birthday dinner at Los Bravos, cake, and presents!
  • Saturday: swimming at Burdette - got sunburned!
  • Sunday: church, Elijah's bigger family birthday party at mom's - fun fun!
  • Monday: Barb went to the dentist, then we spent most of the day trying to get my car fixed. Played in the park by the river. Shopped. It stormed. We played dice.
  • Tuesday: Lazy day at home. Then Shopping. And played more dice.
  • Wednesday: Holiday World all day.
  • Thursday: lunch out (Jimmy Jeng's - YUMMY), shopping at the mall, rousing games of dice in the evening.
  • Friday: played at Henderson Park, bonfire, hobos (a delish campfire meal we love to make)
  • Saturday: the family flew back to Cali. :(

Yep, that about covers it.

And now, for the photos...
Saturday at Burdette.

Barb, Samantha, Gloria - our house is waaaay in the back.
Holiday World!

At Henderson Park - they have a caboose!
I went down the slide with Elijah.

I love a wet sunkissed baby face!

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