Friday, August 7, 2009

Seven hundred thirty days later...

Let me just start off by throwing a few of the standard cliches out there...
My baby is two. I can't believe it! The time has flown! He's grown up so fast! I'm getting so old. He's bigger every day. He has changed so much.
Ok, glad we got that out of the way? Now then, here's (the short version of) my story.

On July 30, 2007 I was 40 weeks pregnant. My abdomen had reached a whopping circumference of 43 inches!! And it was hot. I mean the pits of Hades HOT. 100+ degrees in Indianapolis that week. I had made it to my "due date" (which I know now is a total joke) and I wanted my baby for the love of all that is right to GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE ALREADY.
It wasn't that I felt uncomfortable, because physically I felt great. I was one of those blessed ones who didn't retain water, didn't have swollen hands and feet, didn't have back pain, or problems sleeping, or any braxton hicks contractions whatsoever. But emotionally it was a whole 'nother ball game. I was anxious to meet him. I felt that every day I kept being pregnant I was letting everyone down. Looking back, that was a stupid thing to think. But I was on hormone overload at the time, so I'm allowed a little lunacy. I just felt tremendous performance anxiety. As if I had some control over the situation.

So I attempted to coerce him out. The Dr. "stripped my membranes" (gross, I know.) twice with no success. I walked... and walked... and walked. 8-10 miles per day in that sweltering heat. I did lunges through the neighborhood and step aerobics in the back yard. I ate spicy food. I hopped. I swam. I prayed. I cried. And let me tell you, I got frustrated.
As the Lord would have it, my son just would not budge. I still wonder sometimes when he would have been born if we didn't intervene.
On the morning of August 7th I got a call from my doctor telling me they had an opening for an induction if I was interested. 8 days past the due date and growing more impatient by the hour, I decided that induction didn't sound so bad.

My "birth plan" flew out the window of my Honda that day as I drove in record time to the hospital. See I had read all the books and had made up my mind for a natural delivery. I reinforced these rules with my husband. Preparing him for the possibility that while in the throes of hard labor he was to become my advocate if I were unable to speak for myself. I wanted him to write it on my forehead if necessary... NO PITOCEN. NO UNNECESSARY INTERVENTION. NO EPISIOTOMY. NO POST-LABOR ABDOMINAL MASSAGE. DELAYED CORD CUTTING. etc.

As you probably guessed though- I caved. What happened is not at all how I planned, but I certainly cannot complain since the outcome was a perfect, beautiful baby boy. I don't think it could have gone much more smoothly that day.
9:15 am - got the call to come to the hospital
10:45 am - checked into hospital
11:45 am - had my water broken
12:15 pm - given IV with Pitocen
12:16 - 3:30 pm - labored hard
3:30 pm - got Epidural (consequently fell in love with Anesthesiologist)
6:15 pm - doctor checked and informed me we were at 10 cm. ready to push.
6:18 pm - started pushing
6:39 pm - 21 minutes later welcomed Elijah Daniel into our lives and hearts!!



Wow, I did it!

And then...

there were three.
new little family

the celebratory kiss

I hardly recognize him from that little bundle of smooshyness we carried home with us on August 9, 2007. Yes, he still has his daddy's black eyes. Still the adorable little dimple on his right cheek. Still the thick gorgeous hair. Still the lovely easy-going personality.

As I get to know him and the little boy he is becoming I fall in love with him more every day. Having him in my life has brought more blessings than I could have ever thought possible. He is my little ray of sunshine. My "big helper". My "baby alligator". (a favorite game of ours) My little rascal. My little Mexican jumping bean. The list could go on forever. My heart is so full when I think of all the wonderful ways God has blessed me over these past seven hundred thirty days through the life of my precious little son. What a wonderful gift! I am so glad that my life will never be the same.


And now for a few quick antidotes...

Earlier this week I went to pick Elijah up from my Grandma's house after work. As we were putting our things in the car in the driveway a group of teenagers from the high school track team ran by on the sidewalk. He saw them, shouted "Running!", then took off running right after them. He ran to the end of the driveway, made a left turn onto the sidewalk, and kept on running for another 50 yards or so before pausing to look over his shoulder. And when he saw that I was right behind him, he went back to running again. It was a sight to behold, I tell you! I could not contain my laughter!

He FINALLY cut that top right two-year molar! Thank goodness because that thing was a monster to cut and did all kinds of terrible things to his little body.

As a side note, Manny's mom, dad, sister, and niece will be arriving here this afternoon for a week-long visit. So the follow-up to my most crappy week of work will be a most uncrappy week off. It's a good thing too!

Photos of the birthday celebration tonight and other fun things will be coming within a few days. Stay tuned!


Jeri said...

What a wonderful story as you reflect on his birth. Touching. Great pictures! I hope he gets lots of cake. And why was is it a crappy week at work?

Dreamer4agift said...

I teared up a bit reading this one:-) He's still as beautiful as he was then.

Happy Birthday Elijah!

grace said...

thanks for recapping the story! so wonderful.