Friday, July 31, 2009

A Nap Time Conversation

This is the conversation Elijah and I had a little while ago as I was preparing him for his nap. This is as near verbatim as I can recall.

In his own words:

"nice room.
nice wall.
nice bed.
nice window.
nice scissors. (we were in the scrapbook room)
nice fan. nice little fan.
nice candle. pretty candle.
nice little baby shirts (I have his clothes in there).

nice mommy.

nice beebee (blanket).

mommy turn light on. (I then turned it on.)
Elijah happy light on!!
I love you light on.
I love you fan on.

I love you mommy.
Elijah sleepy. (I then carried him in to his room and rocked him.)

I love tractors.
I love trains.
I love airplanes.
I love wagons.
I love weed eaters.
I love grandma's house.
I love hoses.
I love wheels.
I love semi trucks.
I love lawn mowers.

I love mommy. Mommy love Elijah.
I love baths.
I love walnuts.
I love outside.
I love daddy's truck.
I love grandma.

I love wheels. wheeeeeeelsss!!!
I love race cars.
I love trains.
I love tractors.
I love cement mixers.
I love firetrucks.

I love beebee. soft beebee.
cover up. cover up. cover up.
lay down.
I love pillow. cover me up.
Kiss you. Kiss you.

nite nite."

The end.

I was able to get a few words in edgewise, but they were insignificant "um-hum"s and "oh really"s. He did most of the talking today.


grace said...

ha ha! that is delightful!

Sara said...

That is so cute! Inner monologue coming at ya. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I thought I would share one of my more humorous and humiliating sides with everyone. :)