Monday, August 24, 2009


HE HELD TIGHTLY TO MY INDEX FINGER as I walked down the long hallway with him to his class. "Mommy come play! Mommy come play!" Elijah chanted as we neared the door to the big boy 2-and-3-year-old Sunday School classroom. "Honey, Mommy can't come play right now. But you'll have so much fun in the big boy class today with your friends! Remember Katy and Jedediah? Look at all those toys! I'll see you after church, okay."
And before I could kiss his cheek to send him on his way he was darting across the room to play cars with his best church buddies. He never gave me a second glance. Wouldn't it be nice if every transition went as smoothly! (Like... oh... going from diapers to big boy underwear, maybe!) sigh.

I had known he would adjust easily to the new class, but I had no idea he wouldn't want to leave. When I went after church to retrieve him, he was sitting on the floor with another boy pushing cars down a ramp. After waiting my turn in line I called to him, excited to see if he had enjoyed his first real Sunday School class. He looked up from his play, saw me, then went back to finishing what he was doing before reluctantly making his way over to the door. The teachers gushed over how well he listened at story time, how much fun he seemed to have, and how excited he was to play with the bigger kids. I am so proud of him. And you better believe that first little coloring sheet of the Apostle Paul being ship-wrecked is going in the Baby Book forever!! This is a milestone, people!

I think it is safe to say Elijah will do well having officially graduated from the babies to the toddlers. Next step: pre-school class... oh dear Lord, I don't even want to go there.

Speaking of milestones... he got a real buzz haircut this weekend too. My dad normally uses the clippers on the back and sides, then trims the front and around his ears with scissors. But this time it was so long we decided to just buzz it all off! He really does look cute, but I miss my baby's long soft hair. I'll post a picture soon I'm sure.

Ok one more thing for today. I think I forgot to mention that we went to Holiday World twice last week. Once we went with Manny's sister and niece. But I took Elijah again with my friend Lisa, her husband, and kids. Elijah and Landon are a few months apart and had fun playing together.

They rode the little kid rides...

...but it was too hot, so they played in the wave pool!


Lisa, Landon, Yuriy, Elijah

The day was long and after all that fun they napped in the strollers on the way back to the car.
all tuckered out!

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