Thursday, June 25, 2009


Let me begin by saying, I know I am slightly tardy in mentioning Father's Day being that it was 5 days ago, but better late than never.

Now, since that's out of the way...

About Father's day. It was really kind of uneventful. Elijah and I gave Manny some cards, which Elijah signed all by himself. (he was so proud) We had been rehearsing how to say "happy father's day daddy" all weekend, but when the big moment arrived all he could say was "Ha-ppy Daddy Day". It was close enough, and totally cute.

We didn't get Manny a gift. Now, I know that sounds really harsh, but he's the worst person in the world to buy gifts for. He never likes anything I pick out for him and I didn't want to get him something he would just return. He doesn't play golf, or any sports, or have any hobbies of any kind. He has enough polo shirts and shorts, etc, to last him for at least a hundred years. He doesn't do anything remotely 'out-doorsey' so that kind of stuff was out of the question. In all honesty, the only thing he spends any time on and cares anything about is World of Warcraft, which I am not about to promote. So, I offered to take him anywhere he wanted for lunch that day... his choice. And do you know where he wanted to eat? Penn Station. Of all places. So that's where we went. It was good, but if I were picking I would go to Bonefish or something really yummy.

The day was HOT here in southern Indiana! And by HOT, I mean nearly 100, with a heat index around 105! People, it's humid here, with a capitol H. After church, lunch, and nap time, we all (all three of us for once) went over to my aunt and uncle's house for a Father's Day pool party. Thank goodness for the cool water is all I can say!! I doubt we could have even been outdoors if not for that. It was a nice picnic with the extended Jost family, lots of food, lots of kids, and swimming.

I like this one because Elijah looks so cute with his tan and little speedos.

He stole one of his cousins' juice boxes.
I never let him have straight-up juice like that, so it was a real treat.

These are cousins: Hannah Smith, Austin Frey, twins: Kileigh and Connor Frey, and Landon Smith.

Elijah thought "dampa" was "so tool" with these goggles on!

Doing what dads do best.

My mom.

Elijah and aunt Ragon.

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Jeri said...

Love the pics!!! I cannot believe how hot it has been. And it is June! I don't even want to know what July and August is going to be like!!