Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reason 841 why you never put stuff on your PC that you don't want to share with everyone and their mother:

LIKE ALL MALES, I fear my little 21-month-old boy has become infatuated with electronics. This does not surprise me, actually, but the speed at which he has developed certain skills is quite alarming.

Case in point (do people really say the phrase 'case in point' now-a-days? Anyway...), a few days ago Elijah and I were preparing to leave the house. He was dressed and ready to go, so I left him playing downstairs with his toys while I darted up to my bathroom for a quick brush of my teeth. Some three minutes later I returned only to find his toys abandoned and the house quiet. My first thought; he escaped. But thankfully I had locked the back door (because, yes, he totally can get out if I don't).

I peeked down the hall to find something that both shocked me and sent me into peals of laughter. Somehow he accomplished a feat which would challenge even my 55 year old mother (but I don't suppose that's saying much. ha ha.).

He climbed into the desk chair, procured the computer mouse, pulled up the start menu, located the "my videos" folder, double-clicked, selected a video, opened the file, and hit play. When I found him he was happily kicked back in the chair enjoying a video of himself as an infant jumping in his Jump-A-Roo.

I couldn't even get mad because of all his efforts. Although... now that I think about it... maybe he's smarter than I give him credit for. Perhaps he has abilities which he purposely keeps hidden from me in order to maintain a degree of advantage. The element of surprise, if you will (and you probably will).

For all I know, he could have set up his own E-mail account, logged on to it, and sent a message with a link to the video to all his friends. I'm certainly not putting anything past him at this point.

Food for thought.

Oh, and did I mention that he can also turn on the TV and the x-box, open a DVD case, remove a favorite Elmo DVD, put it in the disc drive, push the drive door closed, turn on the x-box controller, scroll down the menu, select "play" and start his movie? Oh yeah, he can do that too.

Merciful heavens, what have I gotten myself into?


Little mama Rossi said...

I hear ya! Daniel does it all too! It is a MALE thing!

Dreamer4agift said...

lol, oh the things I look forward to:-)

leannenannette said...

Oh goodness! Kids simply amaze me at what they can do and how quickly they catch on to certain things!