Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Elijah gave me the sweetest card which he "signed" all by himself, a pound of Starbucks coffee, a coffee mug, and a Willow Tree figurine. That boy - he's just so thoughtful. He knows just what his Momma likes. :)

It was a really beautiful day until about 4:00 pm... When it started raining like crazy. We got together at my parent's house with the extended family for a nice gathering and tons of food yesterday afternoon. Thankfully, the rain held off so all the kids could run around outside for most of the party.

Me, Elijah, my Mom.

Elijah got to play with his cousins (which are all older than he) and had the time of his life! I'm sure he learned some new squealing techniques along the way. Even though he's the littlest, he held his own and kept up with them pretty well. It was cute to see him interact with other kids and see how he watched their every move.

The whole weekend was nice actually. On Saturday we piddled around the house and played outside when the sun finally peeked out in the afternoon. And... surprise... I snapped a few photos.

Elijah is getting to be a real monkey when it comes to climbing on his play house.

But he's still a little too chicken to go down the slide the right way.

So proud of himself! (notice the drool)

Why is there always milk dripping out of his mouth?
I love the light on his face.
I cannot even guess what he's thinking here...
Oh, and he started saying "So Cool!" any time he sees something he likes... like tractors, fire engines, or dump trucks. What a kid. He's awesome!