Thursday, May 7, 2009

21 Months

I haven't done the blogging thing for a while, it seems. I don't know why, I've just felt like I don't have anything to say worth reading. Until now...

Ashamedly I will admit I had a NOT ME moment today.

This morning, attentive mother that I am, I did not forfeit my own needs to please my son. As we were having story time in Elijah's room, I surely did not have to use the bathroom really bad but kept holding it to finish the book we were reading. Consequently I did not have to jump up afterward and dash out of the room offering him an excuse that "Momma has to go pee pee very fast!"

In my haste I did not neglect to check to make sure there was paper on the roll before hurriedly taking a seat. (After nearly 10 years of marriage to Manny, I should know better than to trust him to replace the roll when it's empty!) Then I did not panic when there was no replacement roll under the sink within reach.

(TMI: I cannot stand to "drip dry". Icky.)

I frantically looked around trying to formulate a course of action... ok... the toilet paper is just on the floor of the closet outside my bathroom... I can even see the package from here... I started mentally willing the paper to roll itself over to me where I sat.

Alright, plan B then: are there some used tissues in the trash can next to me?


Dang! I just emptied the trash yesterday. That's what I get for being such an excellent housekeeper. [sigh]

I was not secretly relieved when Elijah entered the bathroom with another book, not caring if story time was to be held in the bathroom today because, here was my one chance to get some toilet paper from the closet.

If any of that actually happened, the exchange would have gone something like this...

Carefully, carefully I coaxed him.
Honey, come over here and see Momma. He pitter-patters on over, handing me the book.
Ok, good. I set the book down.
Can you get something for Momma? (Pointing to the package of paper in the closet.) Recognition lighting up his eyes... he wanders over... and picks up... a pair of flip-flops.

Shoes Momma?

Ok. Nice try. Let's give this another go.

No baby. I need that paper right beside you. Do you see it? (still pointing and willing his eyes to meet the object of my desire... a HUGE package of toilet paper just inches from his right foot.)
Right there, Elijah. Look where I'm pointing.

He looks from me to the closet floor, and back again, several times. I can see he just doesn't get it.

I use every word I can think of to help him realize what I want.

Honey, can you find the paper? The toilet paper. Look. Look right there. On the floor. By your feet. That bag. Do you see the bag? The green package? With the baby on the front? You're stepping on it for crying out loud.

He's still staring at me excitedly. He knows I want something, but just can't make the connection.

I take off the empty roll and show it to him.
Honey, I need more of this. Can you find MORE? More paper? Please?

At this point he's mimicking my every word, but not understanding in the slightest what I actually need.

New tactic.... Potty paper, Elijah? Potty?

Ah ha! A spark lights in his eyes. Yes, he remembers the potty. He likes to play with the paper next to the potty. Good.

But he runs over to me in stead. Potty, he says, pointing at the toilet.

Yes, but look over there. Do you see that paper over there?
And off he goes, back in to the closet. Ok, now what?

Finally it dawns on me. The magic word.

Poo Poo.

And as soon as I utter the word, he understands, picks up the package of toilet paper (which is as big as he is), and brings it to me triumphantly.

We excitedly high-five each other, celebrating our little victory. And while I praise him for a job well done, I thinking I'm just thankful to finally be able to wipe and get the heck off this doggone toilet!

My baby big boy is 21 months old today. He weighs in at a whopping 24.5 pounds.
I've almost stopped trying to keep track of all his new accomplishments, words, cute expressions, and crazy antics because there are dozens each day. Let it suffice to say, Elijah is growing up WAY too fast. I love him more every single second. He is super funny, talks my ear off, loves his Daddy, has tons of energy, and is in general a really good boy. I am thankful beyond words to be his Momma.

I think what I'm enjoying most about this particular juncture in his toddlerdom is that each day I can see more of his cute little personality coming out. He really has an adorable sense of humor. He loves helping -- he'll do anything I'm doing happily, including dishes or cleaning. He's always at my feet, watching and learning.

He's showing increased understanding for problem solving too. For example, if he drops something under the table, in stead of going under to get it from where he is, he'll stand back, look for it, then go around the table to retrieve it if that's the easier way.

A few days ago I had come to wake him up in the morning with my hair still wet from the shower. He saw it and commented "wet hair Momma." I agreed and we went on picking out his clothes for the day. I turned my back to get some things from the closet and when I looked up he was scampering in from my bathroom, hairdryer in hand, chanting "hay-ahdra ya" over and over.

I'm just amazed when he does things like that. Makes me realize he's putting concepts together. Gosh, he's a smarty.

Oh, and he LOVES the swing.
Here he is this morning, just relaxing and swinging away.

Some of his current favorite words include:
Annie, Sweet Pickle, Gimli, hamburger, wheel barrel, cement mixer, tractor, airplane, school bus,
help, knock knock, watch it, locked, hose, water, help, no, Millie, shower, raining, bird, owl, kitty, and of course the always popular Momma. (There are dozens and dozens more, but since he repeats virtually everything, it's really hard to keep track. These are just ones he says constantly.)
Spring is in full bloom now, although it's rained almost every day for the past 2+ weeks. I'm just glad the cold is over and we can look forward to many days of playing outdoors and enjoying the fruits of our garden.

One last thing, here's a sweet little Pansie I potted for the deck. I love how cheery the purple feels!


Kristen McG said...

woohoo! I'd been wondering what was going on in your neck of the woods! Hilarious story!
It is crazy how much the boys are learning/doing/saying right now. And like you said, it is so much fun to see their personality really show. Thanks for the update! You should do it again soon! :)

grace said...

ha!!! great potty story!!!