Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Symphony

I AM LOVING THE EVENING SYMPHONY going on outside my window right now.
And every night since this happy Spring has thawed the ground and brought the creatures back to life. Crickets and tree frogs sing me to sleep at night through my open windows, and a cacophony of birds greet me each morning. These are the sounds of the country. Comforting, welcoming sounds. Music to my ears.

This time of year is like an awakening for the soul -- full of hope, and energy. The sunshine and warmth pulling me outside and away from my winter hibernation. I relish the fragrance of damp earth and wild onions and fresh sweet grass clippings. Oh, and the bright colors in the woods which only appear for these few short weeks -- bright greens, soft pinks and purples, lively yellows, and perfect whites appear in the late evening sunset like a water-color painting.

This is the time of year feels miraculous and impossibly refreshing. So long awaited. I want to enjoy every second.

And so, my weekend consisted of as much outdoor activity as possible. We tilled our small garden plot and prepared it for planting (vegetables will go in the ground soon.) and filled the clay pots and flower beds with color. I am so pleased with how it has turned out so far. I look forward to getting the tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, onions, peppers, and herbs planted next weekend. Umm. The fruits of Summer! I can hardly wait!!

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Kristen McG said...

I agree with everything you just said.
Although, i wish that I just heard crickets and frogs and trees. Mostly I hear traffic, and that's a dumb noise, if you ask me.
I'm glad your trip went well! I enjoyed the pictures! And I'm laughing at your Twilight addiction. lol. I have sooo many friends- my age and older- completely hooked. I'm refusing to conform... Isn't it enough that I was a Harry Potter addict? haha! Elijah is looking cute as ever! Is he talking a ton?? Corban has started putting some sentences together on his own... he'll repeat anything you say, but the last few weeks he's really getting good at several word phrases. This is getting really long- but I'm making up for my lack of commenting.. it's just that I have free hands at the moment. :)
PS- I like Manny's crazy skull/floral/spade shirt. It's fun.