Wednesday, April 8, 2009

nothing but the facts

We leave for California in slightly less than 5 days.

I need to pack for myself, my child, and my husband (because he's a terrible packer).
My house must be cleaned.
7 loads of laundry are waiting on the floor of the closet to be washed and (line) dried.
My sheets need to be changed so I have a fresh bed when I return home from a long day of travel.
Arrangements need to be made with my mail carrier.
My refrigerator ought to be emptied of its contents.
A talk needs to be had with my neighbor to watch my house for suspicious persons - you know who you are!
The grass really should be cut, but accomplishing that is questionable.
Care needs to be taken of my cats (thank goodness they live outdoors now!).
I must remember to turn down the water heater and furnace.
Snacks for the trip will be purchased tomorrow.
DVDs for Elijah to watch will be obtained from the library this weekend.
The borrowing of Ragon's DVD player needs to be figured out.

Oh, and aside from trip-related chores, I CANNOT DELAY ANY LONGER IN PREPARING MY TAXES! I have to drop them off with my accountant today.

And, I have to figure out that whole stupid mess** with the dentist's office not sending a HUGE bill off to the proper insurance company within the allotted 15 months in order to have my claim honored. And now there is a possibility that I'll have to foot the entire bill. Grrr.

** See dictionary under: nightmare.

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Jilli said...

Good luck with all of that!! Have fun in California! I look forward to the photos!