Thursday, March 5, 2009

checking up

This morning Elijah had his 18 month check-up. Just as we suspected, all is perfect. He is right on track developmentally. In fact he's ahead when it comes to vocabulary/speaking, and following instructions and certain other indicators. She suspects he'll be cutting the second set of molars soon because he's been showing some signs they are on the way. Blast! I hate teething!

Here are his stats today:
24 pounds : 30th percentile
32 inches tall : 40th percentile

He got the last DpT shot today too, but only cried for 5 seconds then he was fine. Such a trooper. Good news: no more shots until he starts school! Hooray!!

This afternoon the two of us are going to visit our friends the Matthews and their new baby boy Titus (he'll be 3 weeks old tomorrow). I made them dinner for tonight and figure a little play date would be good for all involved.

It's so lovely out today. Sunny, warm, and supposed to get up to 68 or so this afternoon. Spring is on the way- FINALLY. Maybe I should hang some clothes out on the line...

Or, maybe I should lay down while Elijah naps.

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Kristen McG said...

He's a pipsqueak! :) Corban was just a little bigger though- 25 lbs 5 oz, 32.5 inches tall. Aren't shots the worst!?
Have fun on the play date!
And I love the new background (and header). :)