Thursday, February 19, 2009

the man bag

Elijah has a little sample size shampoo bottle which is currently giving his orange toothbrush a run for its money in the Favorite Toy category. He carries it everywhere with him; either in his hand, mouth, a pocket if he has one, or his "bag" which is actually one of my old purses (and happens to be black and hot-pink with lip prints on it - yeah, we're talking early nineties folks). The hubs can't stand that I let our son walk around with a purse on his arm. But I figure, Elijah doesn't need to know it's anything other than his bag - which so handily can contain both his shampoo bottle and a few matchbox cars if necessary.

Playing with my lipstick, however, is where I draw the line.

This guy I used to work with (Brett) carried a "man purse", for which I and another co-worker mercilessly teased him. One day he finally had enough and lashed out.

"Mention the man purse one more time and I'll pull my man gun out of it and shoot you." So, we left it alone after that.

This is the same guy who wanted a bumper sticker that said "The only thing faster than my zipper is my El Camino". Classy. Real classy.


Little mama Rossi said...

ba ha hahahahaha! That is funny! Daniel does this too! He plays with Kairi's toy purse, which also sings a little girly song and he dances along. Then he throws it around and jumps on it! I see no harm in it, but his dad HATES it!

gracious said...

ha ha! great!

Kristen McG said...

hilarious!! Corban carries around a little old make up bag that has handles on it... slings it on his shoulder and everything! I think our boys are 'boy' enough that we have not a thing to worry about. (As I type this, Corban is swinging a stick around like a sword saying 'boom, boom'..)

And yes.. I'm a big outlet mall/clearance raxk fan. It's the only way I shop!!!