Monday, January 12, 2009

in a matter of speaking

I'm thinking ahead to Elijah's next doctor appointment, where I know I will be asked such questions as: "Does he feed himself with a fork? Does he ask for what he wants? How many words does he use?"

And so I'm preparing.

We've been working on using utensils to eat. Not much success yet. But we'll keep at it.

And so I'm not caught off-guard when she asks about his speech, I've started compiling a list of his words now (you know, so I'm not all "uh, um, let me think [counts on fingers], er, uh, I'm not sure." like a big ole dork.) And here's the list, numbered of course.

  1. Mamma - most often used by a mile
  2. Dadda - sometimes pronounced Daddo
  3. More
  4. Hot
  5. Bye-bye
  6. Nie-Nie
  7. Water - sometimes wah-wah - or the British pronunciation wah-tah
  8. Annie - ba-ba - we still haven't figured out why he made this up
  9. Bite
  10. Back - when he wants me to come back
  11. Tent - one of his newest!
  12. Dog
  13. Cat - "key key key ca"
  14. Turkey
  15. Duck
  16. Pop Pop
  17. Hab dat
  18. Wass dat?
  19. Ah Lub Oo (sometimes combined, ie: Ah lub oo mamma. or Ah lub oo dat. etc)
  20. Uh-oh
  21. Poop - yes, totally in context too
  22. Lion - aka "Lah-lon"
  23. Banana - just like that "banana" what a big boy!
  24. Apple - "bap bo"
  25. Shoe - "who"
  26. Sock
  27. Bath
  28. Bird
  29. Cookie - "cook coo"
  30. Cracker - similar to cookie but more like "cak-ah"
  31. umm good
  32. Moo
  33. Milk
  34. Ball
  35. Hot dog
  36. Book
  37. Fan
  38. Fish
  39. Noodle
  40. Balloon - "b'oon"
  41. Passy - "pah-sah"
  42. Blanket - "bah-da"
  43. Cook
  44. Hi
  45. Knife

The only signs he really uses frequently are: more, all done, please, chicken (which, by the way, isn't the real sign for chicken at all), and bath.

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gracious said...

man! look at all those words! I'm impressed! ;-)