Friday, February 13, 2015

Sharing the News

My two sweeties are so thrilled about their new baby! And I'm thrilled they are finally feeling better after these last few days of this awful respiratory flu. They hadn't done much more than lay around in their pjs for the past 3 days. I'm thankful I didn't catch what they have because having the flu on top of this "morning" sickness (which is actually afternoon/evening sickness) would be horrible!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so as a special surprise for Grandma Debby, I had the boys make her some cards announcing our exciting news to give her this morning when they saw her. Elijah made 2 cards. This one...
which he did all by himself. I helped cut out the hearts. I love that he wrote "We have a baby in mom's tummy." How precious is he? I love that kid!

He made another one that folds like a book and has several pages. It says "Roses are red (turn the page), Violets are blue (turn the page), Coming in September... (turn the page) Our baby is due! (turn the page) And on the last page he pasted the ultrasound picture onto a heart that you pull down like a flap.

She WAS surprised too. She was reading along, turning the pages, and stammered out when she got to "OUR BABY IS DUE???", looked over at me (I nodded), screamed again "OUR BABY IS DUE! IN SEPTEMBER?! Oh my! You're going to be a big brother again!". As she hugged and congratulated Elijah, then Zeke, then me. Dad figured out what was going on before long and was very happy too. There was a lot of chaos, and loud talking, and questions, and then the thing I knew was coming. Mom's "hilarious" question "Sarah, you do know how this happens, right?". Hm, no. I didn't. I'm a 36 year old married woman with two children, but I have NO idea how babies are made. Why don't we sit down and you can explain the details. Grr. But other than that obtuse remark, all is well and happy with the parents, I think.

After work I took the boys over to Grandma Theresa's house and we told them too. Elijah was the one who got to tell this time and it took him three tries before she understood. She just stared blankly at him the first 2 times he said "My mom is going to have a baby."  Finally she got it and her face lit up with recognition. She smiled and said "Really? Oh boy!", looked at me for confirmation and I nodded. She and grandpa were both happy for us. A bit shocked, but happy.

So, now that the cat's out of the bag I feel better. I hate keeping secrets like this. It's too much stress. Plus, now I don't have to hide how sick I feel. 

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