Monday, December 2, 2013


A few nights ago, while I was washing dishes and my boys were looking for some entertainment, I introduced them to the joys of percussion.
Armed with only 2 sets of chopsticks, a muffin tin turned upside-down, and a few cups, they performed concert after concert for each other in the stairwell while I kept busy in the kitchen.

It went like this: Zeke, seated on the bottom step w/his "instruments" a few steps above, would tap the chopsticks together and count off "a one, two, free, four", then bang, clang, and clink his way through one musical number then another. When he felt finished, he'd turn to Elijah (who had been seated in a little chair beside the stairs) and say "Now you cwap fo me Yai-jah!" At which time Elijah would clap politely and say a few kind words like "nice job Zeke" or "Woohoo". Zeke would then turn and wave, saying "fank you, fank you, fank you". And on and on it went. They took turns, switching places, alternatively clapping and cheering for each other.
45 minutes later, Elijah was tired of the routine but Ezekiel was not. So he employed Manny as his new audience member. And the pattern repeated again.

And that is how I kept the children out of my hair while I cleaned the kitchen. {I wish I had a photo, but my hands were soapy.}

The End.

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