Friday, July 19, 2013

The Best Day in the History of Elijah's Life {according to him}

A few nights ago, when it was almost bed time, we called a family meeting in Zeke's room. Because I knew as soon as we told the boys that the long-awaited trip to Holiday World was happening THIS FRIDAY, there would be a stream of questions such as "how many hours until we go?", "how long will it take to get there?", "may I bring Little Duck?", "which rides are we going on first?", etc.  So we waited until nearly the last minute in order to avoid the torture for ourselves and them. It was just enough time for their anticipation to grow, but not too much to drive us all bananas.

So this was it. The day we've been talking about for the past 6 months. I don't think Elijah slept last night. Bless his little 5-year-old heart, I know how that excitement feels and he handled it very well. Naturally this was all we've talked about since the big announcement. We got on the Holiday World website and looked at all the rides to determine which ones he would be tall enough to ride.  We had a plan and were ready to go!
But first, I had agreed to do a photoshoot at 8:30 this morning, so I did that before we could leave. It all worked out fine because we still made it to the park around 10:30. We hit the dry rides first and they opted just to ride the Doggone Trail, the Salmon Run, and the canoes before heading to the water park. It was hot already. By the time we got suited up and greased up it was noon. First we all went on the lazy river together, but it wasn't enough action for the boys. So we played for an hour or so at the Kimba Bay area, which they LOVED. Zeke did the slides like a madman, just as we predicted. No fear.

Next Elijah and I rode a water coaster, which turns out was a huge mistake. Not only was the wait nearly 2 hours, but he didn't even really enjoy it. It was too fast and too jerky. I regret that we waisted so much precious time out of our day to go on that stinking thing. We won't be doing that again. While we were doing that, Manny and Zeke played in the wave pool, then Kimba Bay, then went back into the dry park to ride the train, salmon run, and boats several more times. Once Elijah and I got back to our meeting place, it took us another hour to locate the 2 of them because Manny hadn't taken his phone w/him. (dang it!) So, by the time we were all together again we were ready to eat. We grabbed some pizza, bread sticks, fries, chicken, and onion rings at the concession stand (super healthy, right?).

After lunch we played in the part w/all the really wide kiddie slides. The boys had a blast in that place because the pool was only waist deep and the slides were just right for them. I admit, I had fun on the slides w/them too! Then we did the wave pool, and while Elijah and I rode the really tall racer slide (he had a love-hate relationship with it), Manny and Zeke played in the toddler area some more. Then Monsoon Lagoon, then the other wave pool, then we were ready to dry off and do some more dry rides, which included the raging rapids, kiddie train, and kiddie roller-coaster (which neither of the boys enjoyed it.)In fact, Elijah got off it half-way thru the ride. They rode several more dry rides on our seemingly endless walk back to the park exit. My knees hurs soooo bad by the end of the day, the boys were both completely exausted, and we were all starving (thank goodness I packed peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches in the cooler for the drive home). But you know what? It was an awesome day! We had so much fun as a family - I think even Manny (who hates pools AND hates the outdoors) enjoyed it. Elijah and I are already making plans about when we get to go next year!

Of the water park, Monsoon Lagoon was my favorite part. It's a little more for older kids (deeper water, taller and faster slides), ropes and nets to climb in stead of steps, but it was Zeke's favorite too. He zipped down the big-kid slides with no hesitation whatsoever. Elijah, on the other hand, was more interested in playing with the water sprayers and sprinklers. Zeke and I did slides for a loooong time. And when I say "Zeke and I", I mean, Zeke ran ahead of me and I chased after him, trying to ride slides with him. But as it happened, he really did them mostly himself. He probably giggled more during that hour than he has collectively the rest of his entire life.

By the time we rolled into our driveway at home the boys were nodding into dreamland. Dreaming, I'm sure, about the wonderful day we all had. What a super-fun day. What a blessed mommy I am to have these boys to enjoy it with. I am happy. Deep down, really happy.

The End.

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