Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bye-bye baby

My baby boy - now a big (he really is sooo tall) 2 and 1/2 year old - has graduated out of his crib to a big boy bed. A race car bed! I put it off for so long because I felt like that was the only thing keeping him a baby. He has sprouted several inches just over these winter months.  So if I'm being honest, I also decided it was time to move up because I couldn't comfortably lay him in the crib anymore. One thing the crib had going for it was that it contained him even when he didn't want it to. But so far so good in the big boy bed. His first 2 nights in it he came into my room and exclaimed "Mommy, All done." in the middle of the night. To which, I roll out of my bed, walk him back into his room, tuck him in again, kiss his sweet cheek and tell him "No, it's still nighttime. You're not done yet. Go back to sleep, honey."  But now that he's adjusted, he is doing great!  He actually kind of likes it. But because I'm sentimental at heart, I had to take a few photos of him in his crib one last time before we set up the big boy bed.

And after a few days, he's doing great - and even looks forward to going to sleep in his race car bed. Maybe it gives him dreams of big kid things, like Lightning McQueen.

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