Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ho Ho Ho?

This little happy Christmas elf, I'd like to report, is doing very well with his speech therapy.  "Ms. Trina" still comes every week to play with him for an hour. And since they started in September I've seen huge improvement. When they started he used about 5 words regularly, today he is at about 35 and is putting together 2-word phrases. 

Its funny how different my boys are!  I often think about Elijah at this age (not quite 2 and a half) and remember so many real conversations we had. By this age he was using full sentences, memorizing scripture verses, talking about big and complex ideas.  And my little Zeke, though I know those big ideas must still be in there somewhere, he can't seem to find the words to get them out.  No wonder he was so frustrated when he couldn't verbalize.  I'm just very thankful he's found a way to ask for what he wants most of the time. Improvements are happening, slowly but surely.

And yes, he can say "ho ho ho", just in time for Christmas. :)

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