Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zeke | 22 months old

Just because I love him so much.  And because... THOSE DIMPLES.
Tomorrow Zeke will be 22 months old.

He adores animals, especially small soft ones.
He just recently began saying "Ma-ma" consistently. I know, so late!
Until then he just called me "da-da".
He is still very attached to his blue and brown blanket.
He reminds me of Linus, the way he drags it behind him everywhere he goes.
He loves brushing his teeth.
I think maybe this Summer he'll be ready to potty train. (Please!)
Yesterday he devoured a pound of strawberries in about 10 minutes.
He can eat more than an adults portion at meals.
I'm not kidding.
He has seasonal allergies.
He loves wearing hats.
He has tough feet and can walk on the gravel driveway without flinching.
He thinks its funny to throw objects down the stairs.
He doesn't care if he gets in trouble for it.
He sleeps exactly 11 hours at night.
And takes one nap a day, usually about 2 hours.
He loves wearing shoes and many times a day will bring me some to put on his feet.
Then he happily runs and prances around to try them out.
If I'm in the process of getting him a snack he stands in front of me with his arms stretched up, jumping/dancing and squealing "yeah! yeah!". 
(The kid enjoys food!)
He plays trains really sweet.
Which drives his brother crazy, because its never the way Elijah would do it.
He knows how to use an overturned laundry basket as a step stool to reach the stuff on top of my dresser.
He's tall for his age.
He's a genetic anomaly.
He has two cowlicks,
two dimples,
two extra nipples
(but you can hardly see them now)
and an extra tooth.
He gives the best kisses.
And gives them freely, which I love!
And he adores his Daddy like nobody else in the world.

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