Saturday, May 12, 2012

Little Duck's Bed

My sweet boy has a best friend.
His name is Little Duck and he's a beanie baby I got from a boy in high school.  I had him in my hope chest for years and one day (I think when Elijah was 3) I was getting in the chest for something when Elijah spotted him.  He fell in love at first sight.  The two have been inseparable ever since.
Seriously, Little Duck goes almost everywhere Elijah does.  He's really been through a lot in his short duck life.  He gets shoved into trucks, backpacks, drawers, pockets, cabinets, lunch boxes, and any other small location Elijah can find, frequently has ropes tied around his neck and gets pulled by his head, spends the the majority of his time tucked under Elijah's armpit or waiting for him perched on top of his pillow.  I cannot tell you how bad this duck stinks.  He's lost all his soft "feathers" from being washed so often.  Yet, there is nothing quite like the way Elijah loves Little Duck.
So, one afternoon, Elijah and Grandpa Dan decided to make Little Duck his very own wooden bed. Elijah really did help with the nailing and gluing.  He was so very proud of the finished product and could NOT WAIT to bring it home to show his best friend!  

Little Duck really enjoyed his brand new bed.  Naturally, it sits right next to Elijah's pillow while he's sleeping so he's always within reach in case of an emergency. :)

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