Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Conversations

I know I don't talk a lot about all the little things my boys do any more. But today is one of those days that I just have to write it down or I'll forget these precious times.

Driving home from church today this how my conversation went with Elijah...

- Mom, will I still be alive when God snatches me up to heaven?
- Well, it depends on if you die before Jesus comes back to get us and we meet Him in the air. If your body dies first, then God takes your spirit to be with him in Heaven.
- Yeah! Which part is my spirit?
- Its the part on the inside that makes you alive and makes you who you are.
- So its the part that wants to be an engineer when I grow up... and then a bulldozer operator.
- Sure!
- Mom, when we get home I'm going to pray and ask God about that.
- Okay honey, but you know you can pray anywhere. Even in the car.
- Oh yeah, that's right! {closes eyes, folds hands} "Dear God, do you want to be my friend? And when I grow up can I please be an engineer? And then a bulldozer operator? Amen."
- Amen. What did you talk about in your Sunday school class today.
- I can't remember. Hey Mom, When God created the heavens and the earth did He have helpers, and robots, and heavy equipment and stuff?
- No honey. God didn't need any of that stuff. He's so powerful that all he had to do is speak the word and they were created!
- You mean he didn't need any machines? Not even to build the buildings and roads?
- Well, in the beginning God made the earth, sky, waters, animals, birds, fish, and people. Then He gave the people good minds to figure out how to use the materials they found to make tools and build things.
- Oh, so God made people, and people made things! Now I get it! I'm pretty smart, Mom. But after He said 'Let there be light' did He say 'let there be bulldozers and diggers and stuff?'
- No baby. He just said it was good.
- Mom, I'm sorry that sometimes I hurt Zekie. It's just that I'm too good at wrestling.

Then later...
Mom, I'm going to pray and ask Jesus if its OK for me to live in that house next door to Grandma Debby. Because I love her and I want to be her neighbor.

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J.Coolen said...

Okay that is the cutest conversation with a four year old that I have ever read. I giggled through the whole thing. *laughs*