Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet Grey Bunny.

When Elijah was this age he was attached at the hip to his blue blanket he named BB. Now, Zeke is in LOVE with this furry friend. He can't talk yet to name him, so for right now we call him Grey Bunny. And these two are best friends! They go everywhere together. They can't even sleep without each other.

Bunny has been on lots of adventures... I have found him in the trash can, the dog's water, going down the slicky-slide, taking a ride in the dumptruck, shoved in the pantry, going for a trip in the toy shopping cart, peeking at himself in the mirror, putting strange objects onto his paws, and taking a dunk in the bathtub more than once.

The poor thing has been loved nearly to death. The ears stink from being sucked on and fur is matted down from so much petting and quite a few cycles through the washing machine. But Zeke's love for him is unconditional. If they spend any time apart, my little sweetheart squeals and runs to squeeze his chubby arms around his bunny when they are reunited. He is often seen toddling around the house with an ear (or two) in his mouth, taking bunny for a stroll. He also likes to point out his eyes and say "eye". They love to eat together - the bunny mostly acting as a catch-all for spills and crumbs. He does occasionally get a drink from the sippy cup or a bite, face-first, of pizza. Bunny loves to try on different accessories from time to time; such as blocks, cups, gloves, or socks on his ears and feet.

I love the way the love each other. And I just hope Zeke doesn't outgrow this friendship any time soon.

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