Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ezekiel | 18 months old

My adorable, energetic, baby is growing up way too fast. If you haven't seen the rest of his 18 month photo shoot pics, click here to see them on my photography blog. (If you wanna)

He's running, climbing, jumping, and in general keeping up with his big brother in most areas.

He has a ravenous appetite and LOVES to eat. (the polar opposite of Elijah) He wakes up in the morning and within 5 minutes he's standing at the gate crying to go downstairs to eat. Any time of day, open the fridge and he comes running! And he's not too picky... although he hates mashed potatoes.

He is crazy about his blue and brown soft blanket that my Grandma Theresa got him before he was born. He never sleeps without it.

His best stuffed friend is a fluffy grey bunny that Grandma Gloria sent last Easter. (The bunny gets his own post later.) Not only the bunny, but he really has an affinity for animals. Particularly my Mom's cat and our dog Annie. I think the animals know he loves them, because they normally tend to tolerate his "petting", which sometimes includes a gentle love pat or pull of the tail. And for Annie it usually means a good goosing in the rear end since she has no tail to shield herself. :)

At his 18 month check-up he weighed 24.4 pounds (57th percentile), and was 32 inches tall (33rd percentile).

He loves music and dances when he hears any sort of tune.

He can sit in his room near the book shelf and read books by himself for nearly an hour if uninterrupted.

Though he's not talking as much as I would have expected, I've been told this is normal for a second child. His brother does all his talking for him. He says... Mama, Dada, Elijah (Die-die-za), Moo, eye, eet (for tweet), bye-bye, hi, kee-kee (kitty).

He pretend counts by pointing his tiny index finger at the pages and making sounds that mimick my intonation when I count.

He consistently signs for more, milk, and bird.

He enjoys his Baby Einstein videos, but always always cries when they show a polar bear. Even it its just a puppet. He finds them frightening apparently. And he laughs hysterically when they show the scene of a basket of apples falling onto the monkey's head.

He is similar to Elijah in that while they watch TV together, they both stand inches from it with their hands behind their back, swaying back and forth in concentration.

Oh, and he LOVES Elijah so much... follows him around, cries when Elijah wants to be left alone, and asks about him when they aren't together. I so much want for them to be best friends as they grow up. Now, if only Elijah could learn to be more tolerant of his little brother.

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