Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nut Club Nuts

The West Side Nut Club is a group of Evansville businessmen who do philanthropic things around town (like the Fall Festival). Every December they all get dressed up in outlandish costumes and parade themselves with goodies and Christmas cheer to residents in a nearby nursing home. Since our office is 3 doors down from their headquarters, we have the good fortune of witnessing this parade every year. This time my boys happened to be around. One of the Nut-Clubbers was kind enough to provide us with a few snaps. Ezekiel wasn't a fan, however.

But Elijah saw this as his opportunity to ask Santa a few questions that had been weighing on his mind.... "How far is the North Pole from here? How do you get there? How did you decide on all the reindeer's names?"

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