Thursday, December 1, 2011

"all done" + a black eye

Ezekiel is 16 months old now and he's really not talking very much. At least not compared to what Elijah was saying by this age. Zeke says your typical mama, dadda, Elijah, bye-bye, hi, and muh (for more - only sometimes). But tonight after dinner Manny asked him if he was ready to get down from the table and he both signed and said "all done". It sounded like "ahh-duuuh", in a little sing-song tone. So cute. Then of course we made over him and he repeated it several more times. I'm relieved to know that he's going to catch up eventually.

Also, a few days ago he fell into the coffee table at my mom's house and got a terrible black eye. It's healing now, but here's what it looks like tonight...

The very next day he and Elijah were playing on the bed and Elijah somehow bounced off the pillows and head-butted Zeke. So now Elijah has a shiner to match and Zeke has a big goose egg on his forehead. You should have heard the screaming and hysteria coming from the playroom when it happened. I thought for sure someone had lost a limb or something.

My boys... they better toughen up if they're going to play so rough with each other.

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