Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Mom's Day: 6:30am - 10:30pm

Wake up
pack lunch
pack diaper bag
gather items for the day
wake children
dress children
administer sippy cups to children
make coffee
let dog out to potty
carry bags/purse/lunch/coats/school folder, etc to car
put children in car/ fasten seat belts
drop children off at baby sitter's (Mom)
drive to work
work 8:00-2:30
leave work
pick up child from preschool
"quick" trip to grocery store
pick up child from baby sitter's
drive home
unload children/bags/coats/junk, etc. carry into house
let dog out to potty
give snacks to children
tidy up living room/ dining room
start load of laundry
change diaper
put baby down for nap
carry another basket of laundry downstairs
play cars/blocks/trains, etc.
tidy up bedrooms
put child down for nap
hang laundry on line
feed dog and cats
check email/ reply to messages
work on editing photos
baby wakes up, change diaper
refill sippy cup
entertain baby
clean up kitchen
wash some dishes
retrieve baby from stairs/dog's water/trashcan/toilet (x20)
make supper (usually with baby on hip)
boy wakes up from nap
refill another cup
take laundry off line, fold, carry basket upstairs
act as referee: tell children not to take toys away/hit/push/throw (x12)
carry trash out
clear off kitchen table
let dog out to potty
greet husband home from work
finish supper
ask everyone to sit at table
serve children's food
ask children to sit at table again
serve my own food
ask children to sit again, or else
refill cups again
feed baby
threaten to spank child if he doesn't eat
get up to get napkins
eat cold supper
clear table
wipe children's faces/hands
wipe down table
wash dishes
clean up messes that children made while I was doing the kitchen
run bath water
strip clothes off children
bathe children
retrieve pjs
drain tub, pick up bath toys
dry children
dry off bathroom floor
chase down children with pjs - force their wiggling bodies into pjs
play blocks/cars/Lincoln logs/firetrucks
ask husband to come help with teeth-brushing and bedtime
tidy up children's bedrooms
locate lost "little duck", which is vital for bedtime
escort child back to bathroom to brush teeth and potty
read books with baby
rock baby
sing to baby
kiss cheeks and put baby to bed
tuck in, pray with, and kiss other child goodnight
work on Bible Study homework
put on my pjs
let dog out to potty
brush teeth, etc.
gather up stuff for tomorrow by back door
wipe down kitchen counters
put randomly located sippy cups away
lock up house
turn off lights
trip over firetruck in stairway
put a few toys away
pick up clothes from bedroom floor
collapse in exhaustion!

Dad's Day 7:30am - 11:30 pm
Wake up
shower & dress
walk out door
work 9-5
drive home from work
sit down at table, eat supper
move to computer, do "Lord only knows what" on there
assist with teeth-brushing
tuck in child
move back to computer to again do "Lord only knows what"
throw clothes on floor
go to bed
Does something not quite seem fair about this to anyone else?

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Naila said...

ah ha ha ha ha! I only have one, but yeah, that's pretty much how it goes, isn't it? I particularly like that you included 'eat cold dinner' - Matthew thinks Abigail has a 'mommy's about to eat dinner' sensor that makes her cry.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels the 'unfairness', even though we'd never give up our mothering :)