Monday, October 31, 2011

Seeking first

I've done 11 shoots in under a week. 3 more coming up this week. And I still have a "day job" plus a family to look after when I'm not "working" (haha). Oh yes I'm loving it, to be sure. But you guys, I'm tiggity-iggered. I'm seeing signs of neglect in my home (that pile mountain of laundry. dirty bathroom, eww.) and I'm hearing complaints from my husband. I need to find balance in all this.

When this photography adventure began I thought I might be lucky to do one shoot a month, maybe two. But I'm busier than I ever dreamed. What I love about the whole situation is that I didn't force it. I didn't set out to pursue photography or drum up business. There was never a moment when I said "You know what, I think I'll be a photographer now". I just made myself available to whatever happened. I've given my best effort and now I'm having a blast! And I'm learning so much (the more you learn, the more you understand that you don't know anything!). The most wonderful part is that I'm seeing the Lord's hand in this. It's clear to me that I'm going the direction He wants me to go. I just need to work on being a better steward of my time.

For now I'll keep on doing my best, ingesting all things photography, and trying to balance my family and work. But you know what... "Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you." So what I really need to pouring myself into is knowing, loving, obeying, and seeking after my Lord. Then whatever else comes my way, I know I trust Him for it.

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