Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Festival Festivities: part 1

{West Franklin St. from the roof of our office.}

It's that time of year again... Fall Festival week here on the west side of Evansville. (directly outside my door at work) It's pretty exciting for all of us, but this year Elijah is absolutely beside himself with enthusiasm! Yesterday he ate a corn on the cob and french fries, which he will most likely repeat every day this week. I took him on 3 rides in the kiddie park... the train (obviously), old fashioned cars, and motorcycles. We're going to get a bracelet and let him ride rides until his little heart's content sometime before its over too. That's the main event for him!

Zeke had a great time riding around in his little car and checking everything out. His mouth hung open most of the afternoon. Sensory overload. He had his first sausage burger, the corn breading off a corn dog, some french fries, some baked potato, and maybe a bite of apple fritter. One thing I love about that kid, he will try almost anything.

As for me, I had my old favorite, the USI booth's steak sandwich for lunch. But then for supper I tried 2 new things; barbecue stuffed baked potato (very good), and deep fried oreos (WOW!). Today I think I'll have some fried green beans and maybe a deep fried snickers... or buckeyes, or fudge, or pumpkin muffin, or a monster ear, or corn on the cob, or fried cookie dough, or, or, or...

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