Saturday, July 16, 2011

His Birthday Was Just Beachy.

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{Better late than never, right?}

A week ago my sweet Ezekiel Joseph celebrated his very first birthday. We had a beach themed pool party at Grandma and Grandpa's. We decorated with all sorts of beachy stuff like pink flamingos, colorful hanging paper lanterns, tropical looking birds and palm trees. And I used cute sand buckets and shovels to serve the food.

I even endeavoured to make a sand castle cake, which turned out pretty cute (if I do say so myself). I baked a layer cake and covered it with brown sugar to look like sand, then put little beach toys around to decorate. Of course Zeke had his very own chocolate smash cake with Grandma's famous soft chocolate icing.

My boy is such an eater that I was really surprised when he didn't dig in to the cake. It might have been all the pressure of everyone watching, or the fact that he was several hours late for his afternoon nap. I had to help him along a bit. Then he got all cake-faced and cranky. After which I had to spray him down with the hose and give him a good cuddle to help him recover.

Of course there were gifts... a talking Hallmark book from GG and P-pa ("On The Night You Were Born"), an adorable embroidered Birthday Boy t-shirt, beach towel, and another matching hat and t-shirt from Great Aunt Mari, toys from friends, trucks from Grandma Theresa & Grandpa John, a dolphin Pillow Pet from Grandma Debby, and a lighting-up-singing-truck-thingy from us, money, among other things.

He had a great time at his party! Also, I took a couple photos. :)
I cannot comprehend that my BABY is a year old. It happened toooo soon.

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