Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My poor Elijah was lethargic for almost two days. He complained of dizziness and a headache. Of course it was after midnight the first time I noticed his high temperature. It was 101.9 on Sunday night, so I gave him a dose of fever-reducer and he did fine the rest of that night. But Monday morning he woke up, got a drink, and went back to sleep until after 10 am. That's SO not like him. The rest of the day he just layed around watching cartoons.

Then yesterday afternoon when we went to swim at my Mom's house he didn't even get in the water. He fell asleep on Ragon's lap. When he woke up he asked for Grandma Gloria to come make him feel better. He told her he was sick. I took his temperature then and it was 104.5 before the thermometer even beeped. He spit it out of his mouth before it had the chance to finish. But I knew from just that. We needed to get to a doctor quick.

Of course it was after 6:00 so we had to go to the urgent care center and wait an hour. But it could have been worse I guess. Turns out he has an ear infection and needed his first ever round of antibiotics. The fever broke and in just 24 hours he's feeling almost back to his normal cheery self. Now he has to keep out of the pool for 48 hours (24 more to go) and take the medicine for 7 days. Poor baby boy. He was so sweet through the ordeal. I love him so much. I hate to see him feel bad.

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