Monday, June 13, 2011

MRI, VBS, Rx, POOL, and Die-Die-tsA.

MRI: Manny had the MRI on his hand/wrist/arm last week. They found out the pain he's experiencing is caused by a torn something (tendon maybe?) which has allowed a bone to move out of place and twist around. Ouch. He's going to have surgery as soon as the orthopedist sets it up. He's still in the brace from his fingers to above the elbow. Pray for my poor hubby. He's in so much pain and is getting really down about it. He goes to the Dr. again today.

VBS: We started our week of "Gold Rush" last night at church. Elijah was thrilled with the excitement of the "wild wild west", as he calls it. He dressed in his cowboy boots, hat, and bandanna. So cute! I'm assigned to be the event photog, but they were so short-handed in the nursery that I barely got to leave it last night to take any pictures.

Rx: I'm experiencing some stupid hormone problems now that Zeke is cutting back on nursing. I think I might need to re-up the Rx. I'm calling the Dr. today to see about it.

POOL: I might have mentioned it a few times. :) Today is day 3 of construction and when I dropped the boys off they were using heavy equipment to excavate the deep part of the hole and level out the ground around the sides. Later today the cement mixer is going to arrive. "Hot-diggity-dog", said Elijah. We're moving along at a nice pace.

Zeke asks for his brother by name now. It sounds like this "die-die-tsA" {emphasis on the last syllable}. My favorite is when I hear him in his crib in the morning, talking to himself about Elijah, repeating his name over and over again. He loves him so much.

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